Monday, 31 October 2011

Its has been A while since I have been on my blog, Its been re-vamped and redone. 
My passion for my work is unlimited and  I hope to be able to continue my work for as long as I live and to grow and learn from all the experiences ill encounter, this blog will be one of the steps ill take to get there.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Nature Animation

A Video to express action in nature.

Environment Design

Evening Time Clouds

Gothic Style Bathroom

Day Time Environment

Night Time Environment

Water Color Painting

Animatic Scence

 A scene taken from a 3D story about a male pigeon in love wanting to show he does by giving a ring to his love. Backgrounds provided by John Shaw and character movements provided my myself.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

2D Animation

An animation that shows large amounts of movement, distributing weight through out the body and timing of the moves.

A two part project involving a run cycle and a jump over an object of choice, I chose my character Crab Man to jump over a sand castle. I found this to be a good prop to fight a crab with a party hat.

A voice clip from Princes and the Frog done in rough with added lip sync and emotion to add life to the character.

Simple Head turn with Follow through on the pig tails.

Animal Walk Cycle, It sounded like an easy thing at the time but it is a hard Animation. It was over all 
one of my favorite things to Animate.